"A laugh-out-loud funny, brutally honest and deeply touching collection of stories about one man's relationship with his spouse and offspring"


Marc’s feature script, “Tasteless,” is optioned by Larry Levinson Productions as an original movie for Pixl cable network.


Marc completes the sale of his holiday feature script, “A Family for Christmas,” to Canadian production company Chesler/Perlmutter.


“Mail Order Monster,” based on Marc’s family/fantasy feature script, moves into post-production.  The film, starring Charisma Carpenter and Josh Hopkins, will premier in 2018.


“The Wright Stuff,” Marc’s one-hour historical/fantasy TV pilot, is optioned to New Republic Pictures (“Black Swan”) for development as their first series for television.


Marc enters into a publication and production deal with Grey Lady Capital with respect to his children’s book and related IP, “A Mouse in the House.”


The first season of Marc’s web series, “Soccer & Drinks,” co-created with Emmy Award-winning director Sergio Guerrero, premiers on YouTube.

I've become a crazy rat person. A couple years ago, our oldest son brought home a fancy rat named "Sheila."  This occurred after one of his roommates received a rat terrier puppy for Christmas.  As a result, "She-she," as she became known, needed a new home.  So began the following conversation: Son: I need you and Mom to house Sheila for a little while. Me: How long is a "little while"? Son: Until she dies. Me: That's what I figured. Now, the thing to know about fancy rats is, they only live 2-4 years.  The other thing to know is, they will charm their way into your hearts faster than you can say, "Ratatouille." Before long, She-she had become one of the most beloved pets my wife and I had ever cared for.  When we were home, she often had the run of the house (full disclosure: she was litter trained when we got her).  When we had ice cream for dessert, She-she got her own little bowl. Then the inevitable happened.  She-she became ill and, at barely more than two-and-a-half years old, we were forced to put her down.  Tears were shed. My wife and I subsequently vowed to take a break from owning pets. The traumatic end-of-life business had taken its toll. A short while later, we welcomed two new housemates to our abode: Milli and Vee (short for Vanilli). Don't judge me.
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