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Feature Films

POPULAR (teen/comedy) – When the king of the high school in-crowd discovers he was adopted and, even worse, his birth mother was a “Goth” and his birth father a “stoner,” his world is thrown into chaos, sending him on a comical journey of self-discovery. In the mold of “Election” and “Saved!”.

LOVE CHILD (romantic/comedy) – Unable to get their 30-year-old slacker son to grow up, get a job and move out, a beleaguered couple hire a precocious 8-year-old boy to show up on their doorstep pretending to be his love child, only to see their plan go off the rails when the son falls for a young woman who, unbeknownst to him, is the boy’s single mother. It’s “Failure to Launch” meets “Big Daddy.”

HIDE AND SEEK (woman-in-jeopardy thriller) – After witnessing a contract killing, a young woman is relocated to a small town to hide out before the killer’s trial. At first she clashes with the locals, including the handsome sheriff assigned to protect her, but eventually she starts to find her groove, just before the killer’s gang finds her. Perfect for a TV Movie.

KILLER JUGS (R-rated horror/thriller) – A serial killer hunts eight hot, young women from the Jugs restaurant chain (think “Hooters”) after they are stranded in a remote desert town while on their way to a promotional appearance in Las Vegas.  Ultra-low-budget.

FOSTERING HOPE (drama/suspense) – Based on true events, on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, an American family races to stop a terrorist act on U.S. soil involving an Iraqi boy who happens to be their foster child.

THE HITMAN’S DAUGHTER (suspense/thriller) – When a professional hitman reunites with the daughter he gave up for adoption 17 years before, his decision to leave the business and make her a part of his life is complicated by his final job — killing his daughter’s adoptive father.

UNDERCOVER (action/comedy) – A macho narcotics detective is forced to go undercover as a gay shampoo boy in a ritzy Beverly Hills salon in order solve his sister’s murder and crack an international drug ring with ties to the top of the LAPD. In the mold of “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Lethal Weapon.”

STAND-UP MAN (comedy) – Having hit rock bottom, everyman Charlie Johnson decides to pursue his dream of being a stand-up comic, leading him on a journey that ends with a spot on national television and the girl of his dreams.

Short Films

HUMAN TRACE (horror, 8 pages) – After a mutant virus triggers an outbreak of the walking dead, one zombie manages to do the impossible by tapping into a trace of its humanity.

RED DELICIOUS (drama, 12 pages) – A loser with a heart of gold spots the redheaded girl of his dreams in a coffee shop, follows her home to her loft, then rescues her from an altercation with an angry man. In the process, he discovers that things are not always what they seem.

Television Series

MEDIEVAL (sitcom pilot) – After graduating from college with an English degree and no job prospects, Tommy Poole goes to work at Medieval Times, a run-down Renaissance Fair theme park, and finds himself surrounded by the immature, the eccentric and the self-medicating – i.e., the theme park’s staff.

WITCHES’ BRUE (one-hour drama) – A light mystery procedural that follows Bruella “Brue” West (20s), a young woman struggling with a secret: She is descended from a long line of witches. When Brue returns home to attend her beloved uncle’s funeral, she not only solves his murder (with the aid of a little witchcraft), she ends up taking over his private investigation practice.

VALLEY HIGH (sitcom pilot) – Shining a light on a group of eccentric teachers at a fictional Midwestern high school, as seen through the eyes of newbie English teacher (and former minor league baseball pitcher) Will James.

FAMILY UNIT (sitcom pilot) – Twelve-year-old Sam Pepper has a single goal in life – to spark a reconciliation between his recently-divorced parents. Fortunately, Sam’s parents have decided to preserve their family unit – Sam’s dad lives in an apartment above the garage – for the benefit of Sam and his boy-crazy teenage sister. Let the scheming begin.

FORTUNE COOKIE (sitcom pilot) – When two down-on-their luck friends win a $2 million slot jackpot during a weekend trip to Las Vegas, they let their good fortune ride by purchasing a down-on-its-luck casino known as the Fortune Cookie. A ‘Cheers’-style ensemble series.

SUPER DAD (sitcom pilot) – A superhero, who also happens to be a single father, struggles to fight crime and raise three rambunctious kids while simultaneously re-entering the dating scene. It’s “Cosby” meets the old “Batman” show.

MINOR LEAGUE (sitcom pilot) – The life and times of a minor league baseball team in West Texas, where players battle their opponents, their teammates and even themselves in a desperate drive to make it to the “Show”.

Web Series

BARISTAS (workplace comedy) – Set in an urban coffeehouse, the series focuses upon four baristas (two males, two females) and their interactions with each other and their quirky customers. Each episode is 6-8 minutes in length.